MySQL PHP Backup :: Help

  • MySQL PHP Backup has been tested on Linux 2.4.18 running PHP 4.1.2+ and MySQL 3.23.47+. Also tested on Windows. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    If problems with Windows change backup.php/restore.php according to instructions!
    For zipped download PHP must be compiled with GZIP.
  • Step One: Create a sub-directory in your public directory for the MySQL PHP Backup files. Make sure that you can run PHP files from this sub-directory. You must place the index.php, backup.php, restore.php, and delete.php files in the sub-directory that you created. Also, permission for this sub-directory must be 777 and permission for the above listed PHP files must be 644 in order for this program to process your requests, along with the ability to write files to your account. Calling the index.php from your browser will run this program.

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